Construction During Reconstruction: Eden Park and the Reservoir

The building of Eden Park — the reservoir, roads, park amenities and landscaping — have a fascinating history! In this series of articles, you can learn about the technical challenges, financing, role of water for industrialization, and ideas about how to make Cincinnati’s hill tops a desirable place to live. The period after the Civil War (known as Reconstruction) saw some of the most impressive infrastructure projects that characterize our city to the present. While we watch the new playground take shape on the old reservoir in Eden Park, spend some time reading about the history of that monument.

NOTE: Geoff Sutton uses some of this material in a weekly fourth-grade local history class at the Spencer Center. The kids love to learn about how the reservoir was built, especially the experiments demonstrating how thick the walls needed to be to hold the water in. Do you know as much as a fourth-grader?

Building the Reservoir:

Water Quality:

The Park the Reservoir Made Possible