1900 Census: The Census Pages and the Sanborn Insurance Maps

The 1900 census is available online through many sites. We used FamilySearch.org, setting up a free account. Once you are logged in, use this link to get to the first page of Enumeration District 15 for Hamilton County. Portions of the records have been transcribed at the bottom of the page.1900 Census Sample page

A few notes about using these pages:

  • Each page has a front and back, numbering 1 to 100 (left column).
  • The street name runs vertically next to the numbering.
  • House number, dwelling number (sequential) and family number (sequential) come next. A given address (street and house number) might have more than one dwelling, and a dwelling might have more than one family.
  • In addition to demographic data (age, race, sex, marital status, etc.), the columns further right include birth place, parents’ birth place, literacy, occupation, home ownership and other information.
  • The data are often hard to read! We appreciate that the students

The Sanborn Insurance maps have detailed information about each building. There is an online version from 1904 which is very close to the census timeframe. Together with the census, we can get a picture of what our neighborhood looked like at the turn of the 20th century.

To find our neighborhood in the Sanborn map, click on the “images” link and look for map images 31, 32, 51 & 52.

We have “stitched together” these images to form a composite image of our neighborhood in 1900.

See more information about our research into the 1900 census.