Eden Park Scene: Krohn Conservatory on a very clear day

From the Silver Lining Department, shutting down for Covid19 has cleared our air. Not only can we see farther into the distance, but it seems to me that colors are more vibrant. It’s quite possible that the air, especially looking toward downtown, is clearer than it has ever been since the development of Eden Park in the early 1870s. On my walks for exercise and mental health I’ve been snapping cell phone photos from around our neighborhood.

This Eden Park photo, taken from the hill between the Water Tower and the Melan Arch Bridge, shows the Krohn Conservatory with the “Big Mac” bridge over the Ohio in the background to the right. Those three ranges of hills are all in Kentucky. The hills appear to be at about the same level as the black top of the Krohn’s wonderful white Art Deco smokestack. The second smokestack, seemingly sprouting from the front of the greenhouse, is attached to the pump house by the ruins of the old lower reservoir. This was the view from Nicolas Longworth’s “Garden of Eden” vineyard from the 1840’s.

Photo March 29, 2020, Geoff Sutton. Select to see a larger image.