Black Baseball: Walking Tour

Use the map below to do a self-guided tour of the historic baseball and other sites in Walnut Hills.

The complete walk is about a mile and a quarter. We have started you at Ashland Park, at the corner of Ashland and Victory, but you can start anywhere on the map. Or do it in several installments! If you want a shorter route with some of the highlights, walk the two blocks on Park between Taft to Chapel. Or — equally rich! — walk the four blocks along Chapel between Montfort and Preston.

Click here to open the map on your phone or tablet. Or use the website map below to learn more.

Click on the small square at the upper right to open the map. Click on the slider at the upper left to open the menu of places. Click on a pin to see more information.

We have focused on the area around Frederick Douglass School since many of the players and teams we researched have a direct connection to that institution. Of course, other areas in our neighborhood also have a rich history of baseball. In the future we hope to do more of these tours in other locations.