2018 Research Projects from UC/CPC African-American History Class

The 2018 UC/CPC class at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts composed 8 projects based on topics suggested by the digitization of businesses listed in the Williams City Directories over the years 1925 to 1940. The topics range from washerwomen to artists, from piano making to Frederick Douglass School.

  • Hannah Waskowitz: Black and Jewish Life in Walnut Hills
  • Jacob Walker: Walnut Hills and the Evolution of Business
  • Elaina Truhart: Washerwomen
  • Camryn Morrow: Frederick Douglass Elementary School; Two Walnut Hills
  • Carolyn Manfredi: Manse Hotel
  • Akia Hodge: White Castle
  • Lucy Dobson: The Baldwin Piano Company
  • Gab Barta: Freelance Artists in Walnut Hills (Charles Stewart Todd)

Link to research papers