Kathryne Gardette

Kathryne Gardette is well known in Walnut Hills as a business woman,  investor, advocate, booster, and — yes! — even match-maker. The Miller-Gardette building on McMillan is the “go to” place for everything from meditation to book signings to classes in African drumming.

In December of 2018, Kathryne agreed to be interviewed by the African-American History class at SCPA, taught by Brynn Thomas. The students developed questions for Kathryne, and you can listen to some of the answers from the recorded interview below.

Kathryne grew up in a multi-generational household. In the first clip, she describes the people surrounding well into adulthood.

“I was never alone.”

Kathryne thinks that living with several generations is not just a pattern from the past but should be carried into the future. Here she tells a story of overhearing — as a kid — her great-grandmother talking to her grandmother.

“Who told you you were grown?”

In the 1970’s Kathryne attended elementary and high school as one of only a few kids of color. Her educational experiences prepared her well for the future.

“Prepared for life.”

Kathryne continued her education at UC. In this clip, she describes feeling at odds not only in her musical theater classes but also with the Black sorority culture of the time.

“I didn’t want to walk the line.”

Kathryne lived through the population decline in Walnut Hills from the 1970’s through the 2000’s. In this clip, she describes shopping at Peebles Corner and the gradual effect of the demographic shift on that area and it’s inhabitants.

“… there was a core that stayed …”