HistoryForge: How to Help

Getting the most out of  HistoryForge will take several years and lots of work! You can help!


What we need most are people willing to transcribe census information. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but many enjoy the challenge and get excited by seeing how history can come alive from black and white pages. Here’s what a few of our transcribers say:

“It’s incredible seeing the educational diversity within the homes and even within the same family! I love this!”
E Marsh, transcriber
“Some people might find this kind of work monotonous or boring, but in between the lines of old family names and jobs that once were, are the stories of the people who used to live where we do today. Its fascinating what kinds of information you can glean from just a few lines of data, and how much you can learn from the answers they gave. This work takes time but just getting the opportunity to see into the lives of these people and understand their history is rewarding in itself!”
A Doench, transcriber
We’re setting up training sessions so you can try your hand at reading the census page and entering the information correctly into HistoryForge. No commitment, but if you’d like to see what this is about, please email walnuthillsstories@gmail.com and we’ll get you on the schedule.
Building Researchers:
Another opportunity is to research and enter building information, including pictures. Some of our buildings no longer exist but there are records of them. Some buildings have important architectural features or other historical importance. If this appeals to you, please get in touch:  walnuthillsstories@gmail.com.