DeSales Corner Looking West August 1928

DeSales Corner, from Streetcar Suburb to Automotive Highway, 1928-29

In this photo taken August 10, 1928, Madison Road ended at DeSales Corner. From there westbound traffic flowed either north or southeast on Woodburn. (Only in Cincinnati does this geometry make sense.) This photograph captures St Francis DeSales Church (begun in 1872) on the right, the San Marco Apartments (1893) on the left. The row[…]

Construction During Reconstruction: Eden Park Circumferential Route

The major features of Eden Park emerged, at least in planning form, even before the completion of the reservoir. Apart from heroic efforts at landscaping the Eden Park with broad lawns overlooking the Reservoir, early visions also called for a circumferential path around the grounds, open to carriages and riders on horseback. These drives were[…]

Hilltop Carriage

“If the question was asked: ‘In what city in the world are the greatest number of carriages manufactured?’ almost any American school boy would answer Cincinnati, Ohio.” – The Hub, October 1897 Walnut Hills boasted several carriage factories in the late nineteenth century. The finest quality coaches came from the Hill Top carriage shop between[…]