Walnut Hills and the Great Migration (November, 2020)

At our November, 2020, virtual meeting, Geoff Sutton presented research on how Cincinnati and Walnut Hills responded to the Great Migration. This research grew out of his work with 4th graders at Frederick Douglass School and Spencer Center. Using paintings by Jacob Lawrence, Geoff identified the institutions, community work and attitudes that made our neighborhood[…]

Washington Terrace

Model Home by Schmidlapp Jacob Schmidlapp talked some of his friends into joining him in financing a half-million-dollar joint stock company called the Cincinnati Model Homes Company. Like his earlier housing ventures, the company sought to provide decent affordable housing for low-wage workers. The largest projects built by Model Homes went on previously vacant land[…]

Major Savings and Loan

Major Savings and Loan, located primarily at Gilbert and Lincoln Avenues, was the longest-lived African American Savings and Loan in Cincinnati, operating from 1921 until 1986. Savings and Loans, earlier called Building and Loans, were the primary savings institutions for most people, and the source of most mortgage loans, during the middle half of the[…]

DeHart Hubbard

William DeHart Hubbard was born in Walnut Hills on November 25, 1903, the first of eight children. His middle name honored Andrew DeHart, principal of the school recently named after Frederick Douglass. The name indicates the esteem in which the neighborhood held the school; Hubbard in fact dropped the William went by DeHart throughout his[…]

Gary Dangel

Gary has been an active neighbor in Walnut Hills since the late 1970’s. He has worked on community gardens, including the school garden across from Frederick Douglass School. Currently he is the Health Outreach Coordinator at the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation. Gary moved to Walnut Hills to rehab a house on Crown Street. Back then his[…]

Low Cost Housing History – Washington Terrace Community

The Washington Terrace Apartment Complex built by Jacob Schmidlapp’s Model Homes Company west of Gilbert and south of Blair was built on vacant land that was until that time a usually dry creek, without much in the way of city services. Model Homes sought to provide the community with park and playground space in the[…]

Low Cost Housing: Gordon Hotel

Jacob Schmidlapp (see a recent low-cost housing post) continued his mission to produce affordable, decent housing in Walnut Hills from 1911 until his death in 1919. Another project called the Gordon Hotel, provided an alternative to the rooming houses in the neighborhood. Schmidlapp himself provided an excellent summary of the building in his short book[…]

Low Cost Housing History – Jacob Schmidlapp

Jacob Schmidlapp moved from his native Piqua, Ohio, to Memphis, Tennessee shortly after the civil war, where he went in to the tobacco and cigar business. In 1874, he moved to Cincinnati and made his fortune in distilling. He was a self-made man whose fortune rivaled those of established families like the Emerys and the[…]