Peter Clark: the Father of Black Baseball in Cincinnati

Click here to see more information about Black Baseball in Walnut Hills Peter Humphries Clark was the Father of Black Baseball in Cincinnati. He is better known for other reasons: he shaped the Black Community in Cincinnati during the 1850s, ‘60s and 70s more than any other individual. In Walnut Hills we know that Clark[…]

Black Teachers during Reconstruction

Reconstruction presented a brief, brilliant decade of tremendous progress and optimism for the four million African American citizens of the US. Cincinnati’s Colored John I. Gaines High School and its Normal School for training teachers, under the leadership of Black Walnut Hills resident Peter Clark, made significant contributions to the creation of new schools for the[…]

Cincinnati Colored Public Schools

The city of Cincinnati, following Ohio law, set aside the education taxes on African American held properties for “Colored Public Schools” beginning in the 1850’s. Black men elected the school board, the only election in which they could vote. Peter Clark, later a Walnut Hills resident, served as the first teacher; it required a lawsuit[…]