Residents of Lincoln Avenue, 1870-1880: Where did they come from?

See all the topics about Lincoln Avenue in the 1870’s and 1880’s. We have seen that in 1870 the Black majority and the white residents on what would become Lincoln Avenue had comparable real estate investments. These groups had something else in common: most families had migrated to Cincinnati. More than 50% of the white[…]

Lincoln Avenue in 1870: What did men do all day?

We have been looking at the Census data from 1870 and 1880 to understand the people who lived on what became Lincoln Avenue in 1877. The last post looked at women in 1870; this one will look at men. The most striking gender difference comes in the variety of occupations assigned by the census taker[…]

Barbara Haven

Barbara moved to Walnut Hills in her early 20’s (1957). She and her husband have lived in Cincinnati ever since, raising 3 daughters. They have been active in Church of the Advent in Walnut Hills, as well as in other WH organizations. These audio files are from an interview with Barbara conducted on July 17,[…]

Gary Dangel

Gary has been an active neighbor in Walnut Hills since the late 1970’s. He has worked on community gardens, including the school garden across from Frederick Douglass School. Currently he is the Health Outreach Coordinator at the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation. Gary moved to Walnut Hills to rehab a house on Crown Street. Back then his[…]

Demographics – “Blue-Lining”

In 1932, Curtis Publishing released a marketing study based on what we would now call a “mashup” of circulation data for the popular Ladies’ Home Journal and Saturday Evening Post magazines, assorted items of market research, and 1930 census data. This early depression era exercise in what Mark Twain had dubbed “lies, damned lies, and[…]